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Introduction to the Future

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The “Introduction to the Future” digital course allows the student to see the most important future changes in a significant number of vital areas, helping him to form a clear mental perception of the foreseeable future (5-10 years). This course is characterized by accurate scientific thesis on different aspects of the future in collaboration with international research centers specializing in looking to the future, allowing the student to learn about future trends, opportunities and associated risks. This article urges the student to see the things that surround him within the framework of processing, change, not stability and stillness

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Develop and increase the student’s interest in various aspects of the future that significantly affect humanity.
Provide the student with a set of knowledge that helps him understand the major transformations that affect the formulation of the future.
Motivate the student to prepare for a better future in light of the changes that the end will see.
Understand the general concept of the future.
Understand what is meant by Future Foresight.
Identify the industrial evolutions the world has witnessed until the present.
Comprehend the importance of future skills.
Understand the concept of entrepreneurship, entrepreneur.
Realizing the Nature and Reality of Artificial Intelligence.
Recognize the concept of the IoT.
Recognize the idea of innovation.
Identify the main old and new turning points that impacted the educational process.
Recognize the concept of the digital economy.
Identify the concept of environmental sustainability.
Be introduced to the history of energy.
Be introduced to the history of the healthcare sector between the past and the present.
Comprehend the ultimate methodology in dealing with the future.
Recognize the main IoT applications.

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  • Visual content and videos
  • Practical applications, training questions and exercises
  • files and attachments helping for the course
  • Access to the course content at any time and from anywhere
  • Certificate of completion for the course provided by the BravoMe educational platform and Al-Hadaf Digital Learning Company

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  • All lessons and content must be completed to obtain the certificate
  • In the event of any technical issue or difficulty in use, please contact the support team of BravoMe educational platform for assistance

الفئة المستهدفة

  • High school and university students
  • New graduates from various scientific and professional specializations
  • Teachers and faculty members
  • Parents, decision-makers, mentors and counselors
  • Interested in future technologies
  • Those interested in industry, energy, economics and entrepreneurship
  • Those interested in the environment, agriculture and human health
  • Professionals in science, technology, engineering and industry
  • Trade and Entrepreneurship Professionals

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?What is the Future

The future and thinking about its foresight and industry have become one of the basic success criteria for institutions and individuals. The word “future” refers to the long-term future tense, which is unknown and unknown to man, and that it may .carry positive or negative events. These events are difficult to predict or control, which usually causes anxiety and turmoil over what the future may hold, as well as the difficulty of determining future directions and make decisions. We often ask, "What will life look like in the future?" It is overly optimistic about the technical and scientific progress of humanity, or on the contrary it will be of a melancholic nature that is seen as full of problems and crises. ​​ Our present today we live in was the same as yesterday's future, and what we hear now about those huge changes that await our lives and that will create a new future different from our world today may be a tangible reality on the level close to our lives. In order to realize what the future is and its study and awareness, and to be able to also recognize its negative effects, we advise you to review this unit
(section 1) ?What is the future00:00:53
(section 2) ?What is the future00:02:42
(section 3) ?What is the future00:01:03
(section 4) ?What is the future00:01:39
(section 1) Importance of studying the future00:02:06
(section 2) Importance of studying the future00:05:18
(section 3) Importance of studying the future00:02:40
(section 4) Importance of studying the future00:00:45
(section 1) The importance of understanding the future00:03:34
(section 2) The importance of understanding the future00:03:56
(section 1) Negative effects of the future00:01:15
(section 2) Negative effects of the future00:01:18
(section 3) Negative effects of the future00:03:12
(section 4) Negative effects of the future00:01:02
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Future Foresight

A wise man says: "The reason I care about the future is that I will live the rest of my days in However, the future will not reveal its secrets. Rather, we have to decipher its symbols and analyze its signs and connotations, as there is not one future, but rather a set of possibilities that may occur in the future, because the future belongs to those who prepare for it and contribute to its design and manufacture; And because the future will never be an image of the past, future foresight has become an essential axis in the progress of nations, due to the changes that occur in all aspects of life, especially economic activities and services, as a result of technological progress and the integration of technology into human communication, education, manufacturing, services, and others. Future foresight is not astrology, but rather a scientific methodology that depends on the availability of basic ingredients represented in a comprehensive understanding of future foresight and its challenges, and training on its tools and foresight approaches to gain insights into the future. How will we know where this future is heading? What are the opportunities and challenges it holds? Are you ready to reserve an advanced seat in it? This is what you will be able to learn in this unit

The Future of professions

A report from the World Economic Forum (Weforum) states that 65% of children who attended primary school in 2017 will find jobs in the future that do not yet exist. It seems that the previous study made the future job market prospects as surprising as they are complex, and university students are most suspicious and uncertain when choosing university majors for fear of choosing majors that will not be in demand in the future. This is due to the rapid changes in the world and the work environment in particular as a result of the great acceleration of technological development and change trends that will greatly affect the future of professions and jobs positively and negatively, but the most important result is that jobs and professions that follow in the same future directions will enjoy significant growth, which will create great opportunities for those familiar with these trends and those who follow them. Among the global trends that will inevitably affect the future of jobs, the heavy reliance on the Internet and the technological communication revolution, which increases opportunities in the various professions associated with it for an important transformation. If you are on the first step of preparing for your career, you may have dozens of decisions running through your head, and you may have noticed how drastic changes in traditional businesses and businesses after several years have passed and need some guidance. This unit will give you an overview of the history and future of the professions so that you can make the right decision moving forward in your future

Future Skills

IBM research indicates that in 2020 knowledge doubled once every 12 hours. This great doubling of knowledge is attributed to: The enormous computing capabilities, the technology revolution such as the emergence of artificial intelligence technology, and the communications revolution such as relying on the technology of the IoT. This tremendous knowledge growth means that in the future world, we will need new models of skills that may differ from the skills we need in today's world. The world of the future is characterized by a number of characteristics that are fundamentally different from today’s skills, and when we talk about future skills, we are not talking about future jobs or professions, but rather we mean the skills that employees will need in various sectors of work, whatever the nature of their jobs or professions, whether they are current or future jobs and occupations. The measure of countries’ progress has become to the extent that they possess creative and thinking minds, and individuals who possess skills that enable them to employ and produce knowledge, and this is achieved by analytical thinking skills, as it is one of the most important skills of the future, which every learner must be familiar with in this digital age. This is not the only skill that the future requires. In addition to the analytical thinking skill, you need many skills such as social intelligence, flexibility, continuing education, media and digital awareness, and others. To learn more about these skills, see this unit

Future of Entrepreneurship

In our world today, there are more than 582 million entrepreneurs, which means that one out of every 13 people owns his business, you may find that the number is staggering!! But in fact, entrepreneurship is not an easy thing. Most of the new, poorly organized companies fail, and the entrepreneurial activities differ according to the type of activity pursued by this emerging organization. Entrepreneurship can be defined as a field of research and practical skill that includes the ability of an individual or organization to lead or direct other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. It is a method that provides a framework for how to transform an idea into a business. In recent decades, entrepreneurship has been associated with radical technology, where technological transformations and rapid development in technology have created the appropriate climate for entrepreneurs to implement and succeed in their innovative ideas, and to compete with giant companies in a record period of time that was not possible in the past. However, it seems that not everyone is qualified to be an entrepreneur; As this requires him to have certain personal qualities that qualify him to carry this trait. He must be characterized by his passion for a particular idea, and he must have motivation, patience, and perseverance to achieve his idea, and he must also be characterized by his risk, and his willingness to take risks. If you are a pioneer seeking success and riding the wave of excellence in your future field of work, you must want to know more about entrepreneurship, modern entrepreneurial models and the future of entrepreneurship, and this is what this unit will give you

The future of Artificial Intelligence

Throughout history, man has searched for an invention that can mimic the human mind in its thinking pattern. Writers, filmmakers and game developers have tried to find a logical explanation for the concept of artificial intelligence. In the simplest terms, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems or devices that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks, and that can improve themselves based on the information they gather. While research and studies in the field of artificial intelligence are accelerating at the present time, scientists in general are deliberating two different views of the developments taking place in this field. The first is a pessimistic position based on fear of the future that makes super-intelligent robots take over the world. The second look predicts a more optimistic future, in which humans and robots will work together. Artificial intelligence is a new term in our world that dates back thousands of years, but it has managed to occupy a very important position within a very short period of time, and it is expected that its future will be very impressive, especially as it will help to create its own future, and it is undoubtedly capable thereof. By reading this unit, you will be able to get to know the reality of artificial intelligence and the fears surrounding it, and you will also be able to understand its specialty and its future

(IOT)The future of the internet of things

Recently, there has been an increase in talk about the Internet of Things, known as IoT, to become one of the most important future specialties that have already begun to spread today. The Internet of Things is one of the most important pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and by things we mean everything that the Internet can recognize through the well-known Internet protocols. (IP Address), so that this thing is supported by certain technology and sensors. According to what Ericsson recently published on its website entitled (The Future of the Internet of Things): "The future of the Internet of Things could be limitless; The progress of the industrial Internet will be accelerated in the near future by increasing network speed, employing integrated artificial intelligence, and being able to deploy, automate, organize, and secure diverse use cases at scale. In the next few years, the concept of the Internet of Things will not be limited to the scientific and technical aspects of life only, but will gradually spread to become an essential part of our daily life. After it was a complex term ignorant of many, it will become a routine, natural, indispensable, and despite its wide spread, this concept is still vague to some and many are ignorant of its mechanism of action, its features and fields. What is the Internet of Things? What is its mechanism of work? How will this technology affect our future lives? These and other questions will be answered in this unit

Future of innovation

Today we are facing unprecedented challenges in light of the rapid technological and industrial progress in all areas of life, and traditional solutions are no longer able to confront that rapid number of challenges and variables, and there has become an urgent need to develop innovative non-traditional solutions that stand in the face of these challenges not only to avoid them but to volunteer them to serve our interests As a result, the concept of innovation emerged, which has become one of the basic concepts that we should adopt in the course of our daily lives, and innovation is to transform an idea or invention into a product or service of value that makes customers willing to pay money therefor Yes, innovation in the future will change a lot, and our daily practices that we are accustomed to will become very old and inefficient and ineffective compared to practices enhanced by all that science has reached, especially artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things, with the help and leadership of technology. In the near future, innovation will increase, its speed of access to the market will increase, and thus it will bring about fundamental changes in the workplace in a very large way Despite the great ramifications in which the concept of innovation falls, this unit will give you the ability to identify the concept of innovation and distinguish it from other vocabulary. You will also be able to realize the future of innovation and digital innovation

The Future of education

Education is the way to develop societies and illuminate the way for the future for them. It unleashes various opportunities and reduces various aspects of inequality. It is the cornerstone on which the development of societies is based and the main driver of sustainable development Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented damage to the education sector in the world, as it affected more than one and a half billion students in more than 190 countries on all continents, and schools were completely closed by more than 94% globally The Covid-19 pandemic, like other disasters, showed the shortcomings of the traditional systems used in the educational process, so it was necessary for governments and countries to take bold steps, in order to establish educational systems that are inclusive of all, characterized by flexibility, quality and suitable for the future. Hence, the trend began to activate the use of new means, and to activate technology in education by providing lessons using radio, television, and the Internet, and the use of the Internet became an important part of the educational process. Consequently, the learner is responsible for choosing the educational material, the method of teaching it, scheduling learning hours, organizing information, using it, and developing it into skills, as online learning is available to all members of society at all times and anywhere, and with knowledge nations grow, and peoples thrive What is the difference between education between the past and the present? What are the trends that it is based on at the present time? Will these trends remain as they are, or ? will the future have more These and other questions you will be able to answer after reading this unit

The Future of Digital Economy

What you'll learn Recognise the concept of digital economy. Identify the most important innovations in the world of digital economy. Recognise the term “Digital Transition” and its most important applications. course content Contents Learning outcomes ? What is Digital Economy The most significant innovations in the world of digital economy Digital Transition and its most important applications Assessment

Future of Environmental Sustainability

When we look at the natural environment, we see that it has a somewhat remarkable ability to rejuvenate and maintain its integrity, when nature is left alone, but man has used many of the natural resources provided by the environment, without seeking their investment and sustainability, playing a key role in the events of many of the changes that would deplete natural resources, as signs appeared that negatively affect the daily lives of human beings, thus depriving future . generations of those resources Nowadays, the environment and its sustainability have become one of the most prominent problems that top the lists of international forums and organizations, so the world calls for limiting the exacerbation of the negative impact on the environment, especially the large volume of pollution caused by the industrial activity of the major industrial countries, and also calls for work with all countries and institutions and individuals in the world to reduce . environmental risks to our planet In the midst of this problem, technology is seen as the only hope for finding viable sustainable solutions by increasing the ability to manage natural resources effectively, finding industrial alternatives to natural resources and dispensing with energy sources that cause pollution, allowing the . planet to breathe and replenish its resources After reading this unit, you will realize that environmental sustainability is a pivotal vision that governments and all stakeholders strive to solve through many modern methods and technologies

The Future of Energy

In order to support daily life and advance human and economic development, energy has always been a need and a basic requirement at different times. Since the beginning of creation, man has searched for energy sources for heating, cooking, lighting, manufacturing fishing tools, and other uses until it has become at the present time one of the main pillars for the stability and development of societies, since life, livelihoods and economies depend in their prosperity and growth on the availability of adequate and . reliable energy at moderate prices People have never been more connected to energy than they are now, and traditional energy sources such as coal and gas are becoming depleted, in addition to their impact on increasing carbon emissions significantly and thus contributing to the phenomenon of climate change, and access to safe and sustainable energy has become a basic . need for all Therefore, we see the world moving today towards the effective use of renewable energy from wind energy, solar energy, and water energy, and the projects are still . continuing day after day Renewable energy is the energy derived from natural resources that are renewed and not run out, and contribute effectively to reducing the phenomena that affect the universe . like global warming Despite the rewarding benefits provided by alternative energy to humans, it faces some challenges that limit its . rapid spread globally This unit gives you the ability to understand the history of energy and the path it took to get to where it is now and to what it can reach in the future

The Future of Agriculture

In light of the scarcity of resources and the search for new ways to address global challenges related to food security, and despite the great development that humanity has achieved in the field of agriculture and food provision technologies, the future of food security in the world continues to be a source of great concern, especially in light of the large increase in human numbers in conjunction with the decreasing agricultural area, so scientists are looking for new ways to reduce the depletion of our resources, and to invest less agricultural areas to produce more, without affecting the environment and playing a . negative role in increasing global warming Modern technology is an important factor in investing land resources and increasing agricultural productivity to achieve food balance and sufficiency, despite the significant increase in population numbers. It has contributed to providing new and innovative solutions to the problems facing the agricultural . sector Through this unit, you will be able to understand the future of agriculture and the modern methods and methodologies that governments should adopt in the future to reduce the problem of food security and address the challenges facing the agricultural sector such as desertification and others

The Future of HealthCare Sector

Healthcare systems around the world are developing under pressures related to providing high-quality services that keep pace with the latest developments in the digital revolution In light of new data, scientists believe that health care will be used remotely in the future, so that patients will not need to visit medical centers and hospitals For consultations, it is also expected that the machine will replace the doctor in many fields, such as surgery and ophthalmology, and it is expected that the efficiency of health care will significantly increase, and the rate of medical mistakes will be reduced Modern technologies have entered strongly in the field of health sector development, and access to a better health future has become more realistic The sector witnessed the entry of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, robotics, nanotechnology, medical product design, as well as the design of hospital rooms to improve the well-being of patients The medical sector, especially doctors and nurses, expresses their fear of the trend towards automation, and its impact on the future of medical workers, and the dispensation of their services in the future How to change medicine between the past and the present? What are the modern methods on which the health sector is based today? What does the health sector look like in the ? future After reading this unit, you will understand the answers to the previous questions and other questions

How to Deal with the Future

Planning for the future is one of the most powerful factors to reach the desired goals and achieve the set goals. Success in life is only one of the fruits of successful planning As for the failure, it is due to the absence of planning for the future, the lack of clarity of objectives, and the absence of any vision for anticipating future prospects and challenges Preparing for the future is not an option, but rather a necessity imposed by the reality of technological progress and its unlimited effects on our lives. Hence, preparing for the future is based on foresight as a method for building our future plans, and developing our capabilities and energy in line with the requirements of the future One of the most important things to realize about the nature of the future is that it is rapidly changing, constantly evolving, and therefore capable of rapid adaptation with those variables, and dealing with them The acquisition of knowledge, knowledge, continuous knowledge, reading, and follow-up are among the characteristics that a person must have to be able to deal with the future Through this unit, you will be able to understand how to deal with the future successfully

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